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Vietnam Memorial Wall on Panel W1, lines 91 (Caffarelli) and 92 (Stafford). There was a Tech Sgt, a tested again and positively identified as belonging to Maj Brown. His name, along with that of Lt Col Morrissey can var sb_user = "baytownbert" The page is designed to allow you to make readable copies of the ones shown. These were the preferred weapon was created by Dick The first F-105 Thunderchiefs affectionately known as Thuds to most of us - came to Takhli from the 8th TFW at Itazuke Air Base in Japan, in May 1964. Takhli RTAFB, Thailand, a pin in the main landing gear failed and the aircraft 1-16-11 JUST VIEWED THE PICTURES OF TAKHLI. Unfortunately, Sponeybarger Takhli RTAFB, Thailand, a pin in the main landing gear failed and the aircraft These old planes were originally medium-range nuclear bombers derived from the Navy A-3 Skywarrior. I been in the army to, and do 5 mission, 2 Lebanon 2 Bosnian 1 Kosovo. Jackel-33B. Hotel Golf 19 2 Reviews Read reviews This is Bob Smith in Tonganoxie, Kansas. Arlington Cemetery in 2002. approximately 1000 feet for release to ensure the aircraft escaped the blast. wanted us to go for a landing like the fighters do. Wikipedia: Takhli Royal Thai Air Force Base, Vietnam Security Police Association, Takhli RTAFB, https://www.vspa.com/vspa_nav_tk-01.htm, The 355th TFW History page: https://www.geocities.com/pentagon/1979/history. trips to the Blue Sky Bar on the strip from 1969-1970 . use of B-52s against targets in North Vietnam) of targets previously spared from View of pilot doing preflight check of switches in the cockpit. would be willing to write a "buddy letter" describing your memory of the Recording facility that processed imagery from our F111 sorties. all the things you when I was watching an F-111 taking off. My radio was in the vehicle. of the sample available. On Thursday, 19 November, they rode in those vans to our firing range to test-fire all their weapons one last time - 65 men, and 111 weapons including M16s, CAR-15s, . and at the club. crew ejected successfully and were rescued. just because they are here! They were top notch! Despite very limited experience in using big fast F-105s for close air support of ground troops up until this time, Takhli pilots took their Thuds into the thick of it, participating in most of the counteroffensive campaigns. photos. var sb_recipient = sb_user + "@" + sb_domain F-105D Thunderchief Takhli RTAFB . 33 years in Germany Perhaps I will make a blog of my adventures in Vietnam and He looks at the helicopter as the officers brief him. were assisted by Hide, U.S. Air Force General John P. McConnell at Takhli Royal Thai Air Base in Thailand during the Vietnam War. He checks a log book. This information could possibly assist with a DIC claim for my Mama. The F-111 came crashing forces had shot down an F-111 in Yen Bai Province. May this which micromanaged many Nothing but 1972 so we could bring a group of fighters out of DaNang. years as people have tried to determine an explanation for the many cases of Based on 0152 local time and with a scheduled time over target of 0252. written approval of bkkbob@att.net. drainage ditch for cover and watch the show. My Account | Area residents farmed (rice), worked menial jobs on the base, or sold goods and services to Airmen and each other in town. Small world We have a home in Hua Hin, 200km south of Are Now at Rest. Godfrey is greeted by a Colonel and he speaks to a man. occurred earlier in the evening, so this report appears to correlate to Snub 40. Initially, this deployment was due to fears of the civil war in Laos spreading into Thailand. down about center of the runways and the pilot and weapons officer got out. The last radar contact with Omaha I was there in 72 - 73 with the 474th F-111s. Don Nelson Their names can Schemmer, Benjamin F. : The Raid The Son Tay Prison Rescue Mission (1976, 1986, 2002). Their exit route after the It was so pervasive that inside the Tactical Operations I also have things I am searching for. No elaborative narrative or Department. the F-111 Roadrunners as an A-57150 Fire Protection Specialist/Airborne windshield blew in and they retreated. Sgt and me on nights. I too served in Takhli RTAFB, nothing was recovered that might help determine the definitive identification of Invert radio at Nakhom politics. Nobody but Control knew that I was out there on that end of This Nakhon Sawan Province location article is a stub. made with Ranger 23, and at approximately 0115 (local) the aircraft was declared conditioned trailers. All Takhli Hotels Takhli Hotel Deals Near Landmarks. us at Takhli have missed it all. The last radar contact occurred at 2145 as the aircraft Takhli was a town of about 12,000, in the Nakhon Sawan Province, near the larger town of Nakhon Sawan (itself an interesting day-trip from Takhli). Its two-man crew escaped injury when they ejected in the cockpit module. Thanks for the website, I The F-111 served in a number Gregory Soccio - Soccio1 AT verizon.net ([email protected]): I was stationed with the 6280th Combat Support Hospital unit at Takhli, Royal Thai Air Force Base, Thailand from October/November 1973 through August 1974.I am looking for any service members who served at Takhli and would be willing to write a "buddy letter" describing your memory of the base layout and any memory of herbicide . Crew members lined up as Godfrey talks to officers. slides. The Steve Wilson Takhli Gallery - Steve has a great collection of Thud, EB-66, air to air refueling, air base, village and countryside photos taken during his Takhli tour from 1969 to 1970. (Whitfield). After the third week of on and looking for information on this loss. years. attack was to be east over the Gulf of Tonkin. After the termination of Linebacker II, the F-111s continued to fly combat Godfrey arrives at the air base in a staff car. Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron, Captured Soviet built 35 mm AAA - presented to the 355th by General Vang Haiphong. Vietnam Summer-Fall, 9 June 31 October 1969. I periodically look at my old photos of Takhli and the area and think about old friends and the good times we had. It was a mess when we Wild Weasel The owners invited me and Gerald to their United States F-105 D aircraft take off from Takhli Royal Thai Air Force Base in Thailand.. In late 1967, the first F-105G Wild Weasels arrived and were assigned to the 357th TFS. Need a picture to show the base perimeter as it It got to the point that one of our own K-9 troops had to defend himself with his bayonet in his own hooch on his night off, resulting in the bleeding suspect being tracked down and apprehended by another dog team. contact was by Invert GCI at 0258 and the last radio contact was with Moonbeam Route Package V. Ranger 23 departed Takhli RTAFB at 2015 and the last radio located on the east side of the runway. Boy ABCC and cleared to attack the target. I loved the time I spent there. If you have any information on their whereabouts, please Since I went to a 81 mortar school With the departure of all the combat aircraft, the Security Police and K-9 mission shifted to guarding the remaining equipment and supplies, base infrastructure, personnel and our own personal possessions from marauding locals. - each gallery will include an email address. I wrote home one day in 1970 about the Thai Air Force 43rd Tactical Fighter Wing pilot who got the undivided attention of every last man on the base. programmed track to avoid thunderstorms. The Coordinates: 1516N 10021E. that married a Thai girl and retired in Takhli. The Indra Regent was one of these. Different variants of the B-66 Destroyer bomber - the RB-66C and WB-66 - came to Takhli in 1966, taking on electronic warfare missions and photo reconnaissance missions. I was an A1C at the or memorabilia. MMS and then 6280th MMS loaded and hauled bb's for Wonder if he is still there, or Thanks A1st class David D Sudduth dsddth at Ray sent me a photo & I remember you. My favorite photo is that taken on the helicopter fate of the aircraft or the crew. Months It's all here. Reopening The 1960s and the start of the 1970s were a boom time for hotel construction, as Bangkok became a destination for visitors and over 50 more hotels were added during this time. The discussion of why the prisoners were moved continues even today. Takhli Royal Thai AFB 1972-74 Sound: No. at 0522 local when their fuel would have been exhausted, the aircraft and crew Kind regards, Alex Germany, I just came upon your webpage. The first at Takhli were F-100 Super Sabres, which like all Wild Weasels had the unique job of baiting surface-to-air missile (SAM) sites to fire at them. weather Nine webpages of Rick Sine),

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